6 Unique Employee Holiday Perks This Season

November 22, 2017

It’s almost that time of year…you want to show your appreciation to your employees for all of the hard work that they’ve put in the past year. Traditionally, December is the time when you shower your employees with love – whether that comes in the form of parties, gifts, food, alcohol or other. This year, we’re sharing some unique ideas to consider!

Active Experience

Instead of just a party, consider a team-building activity that everyone will actually enjoy. I’m not talking about the forced trust-building exercises where everyone sits in a circle and talks about their feelings, but instead  a fun event to get everyone active and engaged! Think about things like: a scavenger hunt, a cook-off or cooking class/demo, an escape room, laser tag, renting a trampoline facility, or a bootcamp class for your team. Better yet, get input from your employees about ideas they might love!

On-Site Wellness Day

Turn the office into a spa for an all-day retreat. You could bring in a yoga or Pilates instructor, masseuse, a healthy catered lunch or create relaxation areas for the team to hang out in. Even creating a quiet space for employees to read a magazine or a book and really just de-stress during the holidays is an awesome idea to let them know you care about their stress level.

Physical Wellness Gift

If you want to give employees a physical gift, a wellness gift goes a long way. There are a lot of great ideas for any budget. Some suggestions are: a gym membership, a Fit Bit, a step counter, water bottles, exercise gear, gift cards, gym bags, wireless headphones, self-massage tools, blenders, and a yoga mat. The best part is that you could also get these items branded so they have your logo on them and employees will remember you care about their wellness.

Food Program

Give them a gift that keeps on giving! As a holiday bonus, you could announce a new office perk, such as complimentary healthy snacks throughout the day.. a-la Berkshire Natural Healthy Snack Delivery (surprising idea, I know!)! This will remind employees that you care about their wellness throughout the year!

Game Day

Bring games into the office for a unique holiday party. Think obstacle courses, ping pong tables, video games, board games and more. Give them time to relax, connect and have fun together! It’s a great low-cost, low-pressure corporate holiday party that everyone can enjoy.

Shopping Day

Give employees an extra day (or half day) off for their holiday shopping. December can be so busy and stressful that it’s tough to fit everything in. Your employees will appreciate your thoughtfulness that they get some extra time off to get their shopping – a few extra hours goes a long way!

However you decide to shower your employees with appreciation this holiday season, including healthy snacks into their daily office life is, without a doubt, a gift that everyone will appreciate! Contact us today to chat about the best way to give your office access to nutritious food.

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