Healthy snacks for an energized office.

No trans fatNo trans fats.
No high fructose corn syrup.No high fructose corn syrup.
No artificial flavors or colors!No artificial flavors or colors!

Berkshire Natural delivers healthy snacks directly to your office.

From local fresh fruit, to protein-packed bars to vibrant, mouth-watering salads, there’s always something for everyone from Berkshire Natural. We are always sourcing new and tasty foods to keep your office happy, well-fueled, and productive. You can always count on us to quickly answer any questions you may have. We can even curate the selection of products and stock your office kitchen for you! What could be easier?

Employees who eat healthy are 25% more likely to have higher job performance and their absenteeism is 27% lower.

-Study by the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) and, Brigham Young University

Step 1

Contact us to discuss your needs and what sorts of products you're looking for...fresh fruit, healthy snacks, meals, or a combination?

Step 2

You can set up your own custom plan, or let us plan it for you. It's up to you! Either way, you're getting some great snacks delivered to your office.

Step 3

We deliver, stock, and set up your snacks for free! Then all you have to do is snack like a (healthy) boss!

We make your job easy and your employees happy.

We work with financial, tech, and life sciences companies throughout the Greater Boston area and bring years of experience delivering healthy food programs that employees love. Fresh fruit, healthy snacks, dairy, and meals are all part of what we can offer.

74% of employees want healthy food options at work but less than half of employers provide that as a benefit.

-Study by Quantum Workplace

High-quality foods from cutting-edge brands

At Berkshire Natural, we also cater to folks with food allergies and dietary restrictions, offering delicious nut-free, gluten-free, vegan, and low-carb options. And we’re not just dropping off a box of snacks and hitting the road. We’ll also stock your office kitchen or dining area according to your preferences.

Customer Service is what sets us apart!

What differentiates Berkshire Natural is the level and quality of the service they provide. I never get negative reports from employees about Berkshire Natural. The company ensures that everything is seamless and employee satisfaction is the number one priority. What employees respond to most is the broad variety of brands that Berkshire Natural offers; there’s always something new to try!

— Justin G.

I investigated a few snack delivery companies before I went with Berkshire Natural. I liked the focus on natural, healthy products and I appreciated the fact that we didn’t need to sign a contract. I also liked that they had a very large number of snacks to choose from at a reasonable price point.

— Jen D.

I did a lot of research into snack delivery companies before settling on Berkshire Natural. I chose them because they offer a great, cost-effective selection and have a friendly staff that answered any questions I have. Working with Berkshire has made my job a lot easier.

— Michelle W.

The flexibility is the best thing about working with Berkshire Natural. They make it easy to rotate products and add new ones so employees don’t get bored having the same snacks all the time. I also like the fact that Berkshire Natural suggests products to add to the mix.

— Lisa F.

Working with Berkshire Natural has made my job and colleagues’ jobs so much easier. We used to struggle and spend so much time searching for healthy options. Not only is the ordering process much quicker, but now we don’t have to unpack a bunch of boxes of snacks. The delivery driver comes in, unpacks boxes and stocks fridges and our snack closet the way we like.

— Lane G.

Our employees love the healthy snacks and fruit we get from Berkshire Natural. They can’t wait every day for when they come and make the delivery. I like how easy it is. I don’t really have to think about it.

— Arden P.

Berkshire Natural has been an outstanding addition to not only our employee offerings, but our company culture as a whole. A year later, employees still rave about all of the organic and healthy offerings, and they appreciate the company’s commitment to health and wellness…we always strive to maintain a great place to work, and the addition of Berkshire Natural has been an immense value to our office environment.

— Logan C.

Working with Berkshire Natural has been amazing. It’s made my job so much easier. Previously, I was spending six hours a week trying to organize stocking of three different spaces and working with three different vendors. Now Berkshire Natural handles all the stocking, and I spend thirty seconds a week. That’s huge in terms of being able to do the rest of my job.

— Caroline K.

Berkshire Natural has been a godsend for us. We had been stuck with a similar company that had terrible customer service. Then, along came Berkshire. The whole team at Berkshire Natural has treated us like rock stars and we are so grateful they came into our lives. Company culture has skyrocketed because of our collaboration!

— Nicole G.

Some Recent Favorites

We’re always sourcing exciting new foods and flavors to create an awesome employee experience.