About Berkshire Natural

Berkshire Natural was founded in 2009 by two dads, David Starr and Alden Bourne. They wanted their kids to have access to healthier products in vending machines in places like the local YMCA. Starting with two machines and operating out of a garage, the company now works with clients across Massachusetts including public schools, universities, and health clubs.

Soon after, companies around Boston started contacting the Berkshire Natural team, asking if they could not only provide vending machines, but delivery of healthy food, fresh fruit, dairy, and meals. They said, “yes.” This is now the fastest growing part of the business.

What Berkshire Natural really delivers is an unparalleled employee experience, which is incredibly easy for clients to manage. It offers an exciting array of delicious, healthy products — like no other company out there — and a commitment to customer service that is second to none.

David Starr, Co-founder

Alden Bourne

Alden Bourne, Co-founder