Helping Health Clubs Become Even More Healthy

July 12, 2017

As you may know, here at Berkshire Natural, we’ve helped bring healthy snacks to many different industries – from libraries and tech companies to pharmacies and ice arenas. We love being able to provide junk food alternatives to industries that have previously relied heavily on soda and candy. One industry that we’ve worked with recently may not surprise you….health clubs and fitness facilities around Boston!

When Jen Jasmin started as the nutrition program director of The Mount Auburn Club in Watertown, she immediately made small changes to their in-house café to source more local foods in order to unify their food offerings with their core values. However, they still had two vending machines filled with a variety of foods, including some healthier options but soda and candy as well. No matter how hard she tried working with their current vendor —- who considered  Doritos healthy! — and seeking out new vendors, she couldn’t find a true partner until she met with us at Berkshire Natural.

We worked with the Mount Auburn Club to create the perfect variety of post-workout healthy options for their patrons, which lined up perfectly with their sustainability initiatives. Now, the team feels confident that their guests have complete access to healthy foods. In fact, Jen Jasmin mentioned, “Since our transition with Berkshire Natural, I’ve had so many people come up and say thank you to us for these new healthy options. They find it much easier to avoid temptations and now feel confident that any option they pick are going to support their workouts!”

Similarly, the Longfellow Health Clubs in Natick and Wayland switched over to Berkshire Natural healthy snacks after receiving member criticism that the the clubs weren’t being consistent with their stated mission of health and wellness because it was providing easy access to junk food. Staff and patrons were happily surprised by the options that Berkshire Natural delivered; there were still some indulgent treats offered, but in a healthier, high-quality way.  “We’ve had parents come up to us and praise the options that their kids love, but that they know have some nutritional value to them,” said Janna Yamron, MS, RD, LDN at Longfellow Clubs. “Our health clubs’ mission is to meet the needs of a varied membership from young children, teens, athletes, adults including individuals who are gluten-free or vegetarian, to seniors.  Berkshire Natural has done an amazing job of catering to each and every one of them in a thoughtful way.”

Overall, the moral of our story here is that healthy food is a great way to tie in any company’s mission and values to align their brand in one unified vision – and we love providing more and more people everywhere access to healthy snacks with a sustainable vision!


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