10 Surprising Benefits When You Offer Employees Free Healthy Snacks

February 22, 2017

At Berkshire Natural, we specialize in improving the health of your corporate culture. We offer delivery of healthy snacks and beverages directly to your office wherever and whenever you want it! But, what exactly does that do for your company culture? And, how could healthy eating actually improve your bottom line? Today on the blog, we’re sharing some surprising benefits our clients have shared with us from their experiences offering employees free healthy snacks at work.  

Employees Feel Valued: Employees love to get free stuff, but it’s even better when that free stuff is actually useful and helpful to them. Whether you’re providing completely complimentary snacks or just picking up part of the cost, your employees will be thankful that you are giving them useful, valuable tools to fuel their bodies.

Increased Energy: It’s been proven that when people fuel their bodies with the right type of foods and beverages, they have more energy. And, where do they put that energy when they’re at work? Into their work! Instead of hitting the afternoon slump, employees will keep at it throughout the day, thanks to healthy snack options!

Improved Focus: Sugar slump, growling stomachs, caffeine headaches…these are all conditions that can  distract employees. By providing healthy snack alternatives, your workers will be able to keep the focus on the work at hand.

Productivity Increase: Improved focus and energy means – you guessed it – increased productivity. We’ve heard from client after client what a difference healthy food options make on productivity. Since they don’t need to leave work and track down a snack or drink, they have more time in the office to concentrate and get things done.

Decreased Sick Days: Healthy employees equal – get this – healthy employees! If you want to promote a healthy workplace, healthy eating should be front and center. We’ve heard that healthy snacks have decreased sick days for employees!

Reduced Health Care Costs: Here’s another benefit from having healthy employees! When you have a healthy base of workers, your health care costs will go down. This directly affects the bottom line of your business.

Recruiting Support: Want to brag about what a great company yours is to work for? Just mention free healthy snacks and employees will be knocking down your door to work there. Particularly in competitive work environments like healthcare and tech, people love saying that their workplace offers healthy snacks!

Employee Retention: Happy and Healthy employees equal employees that stay! Want to reduce costs associated with turnover? Many clients of ours have told us that their retention rate has improved because they’ve invested in corporate wellness programs like healthy snacking!

Brand Recognition: Want to land your company on the list of the “Best Places to Work”? Free healthy snacks and drinks will help you be able to showcase your company as a leader in corporate wellness. Several of our clients have landed on that attention-grabbing list, in part thanks to the healthy snacking options they offer.

Team Bonding: You know how people come together when someone brings in donuts on Friday mornings? Imagine that every week (or daily or monthly), when your office gets their delivery of snacks, it’s something that everyone can partake in (no GF allergies here!) and feel good about!

So, there you have it! This is only a partial list of the endless benefits that your company could gain from putting into place a healthy snacking program for employees. Contact us today to chat about customizing a package for your company.

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