Organic on the Go

November 22, 2016

I just had lunch. As often happens, I sample products sent to Berkshire Natural by manufacturers to address my appetite at the same time that I broaden my horizon for vendable products.

I have to start this post by noting that potatoes are my favorite food. I’ll eat them any way they are prepared.

I just had Organic on-the-go Potatoes and Bac-un.

Really good!

Organic-on-the-go is an organic fast food brand. I’ll say that again. It’s an ORGANIC fast food brand.

All you need is the container of organic ingredients and 4oz. of boiling water.

I love potatoes and I love smoky flavors. This is a gluten-free meal type of item that has lots of Vitamin C, cheddar cheese (calcium) and meets our criteria for healthy food.

Potatoes and Bac-un is organic, really delicious and should find its way into our healthy vending machines at UMass and Harvard in the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait to find out what else Organic-on-the-go has for us to put in our healthy vending machines.

Learn more about Organic-on-the-go:

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