A Greener Approach To Bottled Water

January 2, 2020

A strong commitment to the environment is one the foundational values of Berkshire Natural.

And nowhere can you see that more clearly than in a new bottle of water we’re now selling. The product is called Open Water.

The bottle is made of metal not plastic. Why does that make a difference? Because people don’t value a plastic water bottle like they do a metal one. Thanks to bottle and can deposits, people think of a container differently if it’s made of metal.

In 2017, less than 30% of plastic water bottles were recycled. Those that weren’t ended up in our oceans and elsewhere. Unlike plastic, aluminum is infinitely recyclable. Recycled aluminum saves 90% of the energy that it takes to create it from virgin resources. 

While water in a metal bottle is more expensive for us to provide and more for expensive for our customers to buy, we’re happy to report that Open Water is selling well.

If you’re interested in learning more about Open Water…or the fresh fruit and healthy snacks we offer through delivery to offices and in vending machines, please contact us.