Boston Healthy Office Snack Delivery Addresses Issue Found in Major Study

June 28, 2018

Our Boston healthy office snack delivery service addresses a serious issue found in a major new study.

The new study says the foods that people often have easy access to at work are typically high in empty calories, sodium, and refined grains, and low in whole grains and fruit.

According to the study, “the ┬áleading food types obtained include foods typically high in solid fat, added sugars, or sodium such as pizza, soft drinks, cookies/brownies, cakes and pies, and candy.”

The researchers looked at the food and drinks employees bought from cafeterias or vending machines as well as those that were offered for free in common areas and at meetings.

The study by the Centers for Disease Control says that workplaces can play a more of an active role to promote healthier food options. We strongly agree.

Berkshire Natural works with Boston-area companies to provide healthy food choices to employees, including fresh fruit, nuts, whole grain bars, and products with ingredients that aren’t hard to pronounce. What’s more, we do all the work, from recommending products we know employees will love to stocking company kitchens.