Top 10 Workplace Wellness Perks

May 31, 2016

As you know, companies are more often implementing workplace wellness programs to attract and retain talent, improve company culture, increase productivity and reduce healthcare costs. There are endless benefits to implementing a corporate wellness program in your office. But, how do you know what perks will actually work and which ones are duds? At Berkshire Natural, we work with a variety of internal wellness programs and implement one aspect of their overall initiative. Through that, we’ve seen which perks really stick with employees and have helped companies tremendously! Here are our favorite workplace wellness perks:

  1. Free or Subsidized Healthy Snacks: This is Number One on our list! Offer your employees healthy snacks throughout the day to keep up their strength, increase productivity and live an overall healthy lifestyle! We’ve seen companies get amazing feedback and results from their employees by offering either free or partially subsidized snacks.
  2. On-Site Workouts: Don’t look down on employees that sneak off to the gym on lunch time – encourage it by implementing workouts on-site. Whether it’s organizing a weekly office run outside or bringing in a fitness instructor, these programs can be low cost to implement but have a huge impact!
  3. Postural Therapy: Sitting in a chair can be really harmful to your back and your overall health. From offering chiropractic care, massage, postural therapy and the right equipment/desk setup, these perks can make a big difference on how employees work in front of their computer every day.
  4. Flexible Schedules: Wellness is a state of mind and offering flexible schedules to get their job done while balancing the rest of their busy lives is a huge part of this. Employees need to have overall wellness in their work life but also their personal life outside of the office and flexible schedules can help immensely with this.
  5. Organizational Layout: Does your office have the right structure for healthy, happy employees? From private offices, open spaces, the right colors, desks, and more, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this into your wellness program. Bring in an expert to make the right adjustments.
  6. Dogs at Work: Who isn’t happy and stress free with dogs around? This is a no-cost perk to your company that can transform how employees feel during the day in the office.
  7. Meditation Rooms: Help your employees get Zen and create dedicated meditation rooms allowing them to destress and improve their thought process and go into work with a clear mind.
  8. Nap Pods: Napping has been proven to increase productivity and really make an impact on how employees think and get things done. Let your employees go back to preschool and take time to refresh their brains!
  9. Education: Employees need to understand topics around health and wellness in order to improve their lifestyle. Your wellness program could include seminars, newsletters or podcasts dedicated to a variety of health and wellness topics.
  10. Online Health Coaches: Now that more and more employees are traveling, many corporate wellness programs are offering online health coaches so they can stay fit on the go!

What is your favorite corporate wellness perk? Let us know if you have anything else to add to the list! If you’re interested in working together to offer free or subsidized healthy snacks to your employees, contact us today!

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