Quick and Easy Healthy Snacks for Holiday Travel

November 24, 2015

During the upcoming highly caloric holiday season, traveling is usually hard to escape – and it can be tough to eat healthy on the road. When you’re in your car on the road, it can seem like the easiest thing to do is grab something in the drive-through. But, then you have that sluggish feeling throughout your vacation and that dreaded feeling when you go to hop on the scale after you get home! Never fear – there are ways to eat healthy on to the go! All it takes is a little bit of pre-planning and stocking up to bring your healthy snacks for road trips. That way, you’ll make fewer stops, feel great and eat healthy throughout your trip! Here are a few of our favorite quick and easy healthy snacks for road trips that are great for kids and adults!

Trail Mix

Buy some or make your own! We love mixing Wonderful Pistachios, Eden Pumpkin Seeds and Peeled Snacks Dried Mango with something sweet, but the beauty of this snack is that you can make it whatever you’d like! Salty, crunchy, fruity, sweet, crispy, etc. The world is your oyster!


Sometimes you just need a more substantial snack. There are plenty of recipes to make your own granola bars or fruit bars. Or, we love the Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars (like a healthy Fig Newton), KIND  Bars and Clif Bars – they have tons of protein and taste great! Whatever you choose, just make sure to look at the label to check out the ingredients and sugar count!


Chips, you say? They’re healthy? Sometimes when you’re in the car, you just want something crunchy to chomp on. But, instead of reaching for the greasy potato chips, there are plenty of healthier options on the market to grab instead.  Some of our favorites are Veggie Chips, Sun Chips and Way Better Chips – Sweet Chili or Sriracha. These options add some protein so you don’t need to down the entire bag to feel satisfied!

Fresh Fruit

So, Watermelon may not travel well, but how easy is it to throw in some fruit for the road so you can munch while driving or throw some in the back seat to the kids? Our favorites for the road are: apples, bananas, pears and clementines! Or whatever is locally fresh and in season!


Don’t forget to drink fluids while you’re on the go! Throw in some waters or if you want some flavor, we love Purity Kale Coconut Water, Polar Seltzer and Honest Tea. You might need an extra bathroom break after these, but don’t be afraid to hydrate – you need to keep up that energy while you drive!

See how simple it is to eat healthy on the road! At Berkshire Natural, we’re working on making healthy snacks easily accessible to all travelers. In fact, we now have two vending machines on the MA Pike at the Westborough Service Plaza on I-90 Westbound and the Natick Service Plaza on I-90 Eastbound. You’ll find many of the snacks mentioned above in case you didn’t pre-plan for your trip! To find more of our healthy vending locations and where we provide healthy snacks, please visit our website: www.berkshirenatural.com.



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