Polar Seltzer

May 18, 2015

Looking for a healthy drink? You can’t do much better than water. bubbles and little fabulous natural flavoring. That’s all you’ll find in a can of Polar Seltzer. No sugar, no funky additives, and no calories.

At Berkshire Natural, we like to say we only stock products we’d have at home for our families. You’ll always find the fridge of both of┬áthe company’s owners stocked with cases of Polar. It’s the go-to drink for our families.

We not only love the product but the company behind it. Polar has been owned by the same family for four generations. The company is based in Worcester, and we always prefer working with the local guys. About twenty years ago, Polar outgrew its production facility and began looking for a new location in New England. Other states were eager to be the new home of Polar, but the company decided to remain in Worcester and keep more than 600 people employed. Polar has also made environmental sustainability a priority. That’s something you can feel good about the next time you reach for a can or bottle of Polar Seltzer out of a Berkshire Natural Healthy vending machine.