Minimize Deliveries with ‘Whatever You Need’!

We understand the importance of minimizing the number of third party suppliers making deliveries to your office. To keep your staff safe and healthy we’re introducing our “Whatever You Need” service to source and supply office essentials along with healthy snacks.

PPE, Disinfectant, Office Supplies, and More!

It may not be as exciting as getting a delivery of our healthy, tasty snack options, but these items are essential these days, and we can source them from our extensive network of partners. Whether you need masks, hand sanitizer, paper and other supplies, we’ll include them with your delivery.

Same Great Customer Service You Expect

We work tirelessly to find you quality products at the best prices. We take the same care in selecting your office supplies that we do with our healthy snack options. Our contact-less delivery of all your essential items and healthy snacks just makes sense to safeguard your team.

Here's How It Works:

1 The Free Consultation

The process begins with a phone call, where we learn about your needs. We want to know how many employees you have and what sorts of products you're looking for -- whether it's snacks, PPE, or office supplies.

2 The Plan

We develop a customized plan just for you and your company (none of our clients currently get the same line-up of products).

3 Ordering

Once you're good to go, you decide how future deliveries happen. Some clients prefer a more hands-on approach and use a custom portal we offer to choose specific products and quantities. You get an invoice beforehand, showing exactly what's coming and how much it will cost. And you can let us know if you'd like to make any changes.

4 Service Begins

We start delivering your products on a schedule that works best for you. And we don't just drop boxes of products at your doorstep for you or your staff to unpack. Our experienced delivery crew -- wearing masks and social distancing, of course -- can place the items wherever you'd like.

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