Workplace Wellness: 5 Easy Ways to Sneak Exercise Into Your Work Day

October 25, 2017

Sitting in front of your computer screen day in and day out can take a toll on your health and certainly doesn’t support workplace wellness. It’s been linked to muscle degeneration, organ damage, weight gain, back and neck pain and more. Here at Berkshire Natural, we are all about overall health and wellness, going along with our mission to deliver healthy, organic snacks to your local business place or office.

Along with eating healthy at work to increase productivity, regular exercise is a great way to improve performance in the workplace. In fact, exercise has been shown to improve concentration, memory, creativity and to lower stress. For employers and employees, that’s a win-win for everyone! But, we know as well as you do that it can be difficult to take time from your day to head to the gym or go for a run.

Our team here at Berkshire Natural has found some tricks to sneak exercise into our days, as much as possible, without disrupting our normal routines. Here’s some of our favorite tips to help you incorporate exercise into your day:

Take the Meeting Outside

Skip the office meeting and take a walk with your colleague instead. You may be surprised about the ideas and conversation that can happen when you are both moving rather than stationary. Walking and brainstorming have been known to increase creativity and thinking and help you focus even more. Don’t be worried that you’re not taking notes – just head to your desk afterward to write down your amazing ideas!

Take the Stairs

Elevators are quick, but how much longer do stairs really take? Even if it’s just a flight or two, ALWAYS TAKE THE STAIRS! It’s a super quick way to sneak in a quick spurt of exercise to get your blood flowing. This is truly the most simple switch you can do to add physical movement into your day!

Buddy Up

Feel bad that you’re the only one in the office taking time to exercise? Chances are that everyone else wants to as well – even the management team. Find an office buddy to check in with and grab a few minutes of physical activity, when you can, together. Maybe it’s taking a morning walk to get a coffee or an afternoon yoga session, but it’s a million times easier to sneak in exercise with a friend on your side!

Find a Dedicated Space

Whether you ask your company to provide a dedicated space in the office for physical activity or find your favorite spot outside to walk or stretch, it’s vital to find a space that you feel comfortable in to exercise. That makes it a no-brainer to head to your spot for a few quick minutes rather than debating on where to go (and wasting time or talking yourself OUT of exercising!).

Set an Alarm

Grab that cell phone and set a daily alarm every day at 2:00 pm to take a quick exercise break. Maybe it’s just 5 or 10 minutes of stretching or even a quick spurt of jumping jacks, sit ups and squats. You can also download an app that reminds you each day and gives you a set of exercises – we love Swork IT! Having that daily reminder can make all of the difference.

Along with these exercise tricks, learn more about ways to improve productivity with your workplace wellness program.

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